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The Value Of Trust – The Cost Of Risk

Prices for grant management capability assessments have been kept at far lower levels than those incurred internally by funders or charged by external audit firms. Our typical prices equate to 1-2 hours of salary cost for a UN staff member in the field.

The following grantors have agreed to fund GFGP assessments and to use these assessments as a central part of their due diligence when allocating grants: USAID, Wellcome, UKRI and DoHSC. Most grant-providing organizations will cover the cost of GFGP Certification Readiness Assessment Assessments, so it is always worth asking during a grant application.

Subscription Pricing:

For as little as $250 per assessment, funders can invite and pay for grantees to carry out a GFGP Certification Readiness Assessment to demonstrate their ability to comply with one of the four tiers of the new global Standard, as part of their pre-award due diligence. Assessment costs for each tier are $250 for bronze level, $500 for silver, $750 for gold and $1,000 for assessment to platinum tier.

Costs for funders to view an existing assessment report have been capped at $500 for all tiers and can be as low as $100 per report depending on the number of assessments requested.

To support grant makers who would like to rapidly award grants to support communities hit hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic, we have waived our normal charges and reduced them to a one-off fee of $100 (exclusive of the $20 bank transfer charges). This is regardless of the tier of the GFGP Standard against which an organization is being assessed.

COVID-19 Offer


Purchase one assessment (exclusive of $20 bank charge)




    Purchase one Bronze Tier assessment




      Purchase one Silver Tier Assessment




        Purchase one Gold Tier Assessment




          Purchase one Platinum Tier Assessment




            Purchase 10 Assessments ($ 500 each)




              Purchase 40 Assessments ($ 500 each)




                Purchase 100 Assessments ($ 400 each)


                  Super User


                  Purchase 1000 Assessments ($ 100 each)