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Good Financial Grant Practice

Become Certified to GFGP. The International Standard (ARS 1651:2018) for Accountability & Trust

About GFGP
Benefits of GFGP
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Benefits to grantors

Undertake a transparent time-saving and cost-effective approach to due diligence before engaging with implementing partners. Reduce time and money spent on audit and compliance, ensuring more funding goes to tackling global challenges. Build trust and confidence among grantees and be assured that they will utilize funds for the intended purpose and deliver your objectives. Fast track the due-diligence processes by requesting your grantees to complete the GFGP pre-certification assessments online and to enable them to receive funding much quicker for faster implementation of projects and delivery of results.

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Benefits to grantees

Focus more of your time in project implementation by alleviating the burden, and hence cost, of grant administration and due diligence. Maximize your prospects of attracting funding and build trust and confidence among donors. Evaluate organizational policies, procedures and processes, establish adequate controls and successfully deliver results for the benefit of communities across the world. Raise the profile of your organization and ensure you are recognised for implementing the Good Financial Grant Practice Standard

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Where funders find the world’s trusted partners

The Global Grant Community (GGC) is the place where grantees and grantors can come together to share best practice in all things to do with improving the management of grant funding.

Grant funder finds the worlds trusted partners.

Grant funders can request their grant receivers to comply with the Standard as part of pre-award due diligence.

Grant receivers can use the Standard as a blueprint to improve their processes for grant management capabilities.

Grant funders have a simplified, easy to use and digitized system for assessing and reviewing their grant receiver’s information before issuing grants.

Grant receivers can leverage private funding locally as part of their journey to self-reliance and reduce risk.

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World’s First Good Financial Grant Practice (GFGP) Certification

The mission of the Global Grant Community is to standardize, simplify and strengthen funding to help those most in need around the world

World’s First Good Financial Grant Practice (GFGP) Certification

Grant receivers can use the Standard as a blueprint to improve their grant management capabilities, including leveraging private funding locally as part of their journey to self-reliance.

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Our Value Proposition

Provide Once Share with Many

The digital platform enables grantees and grant receivers to undertake a pre-certification assessment of their compliance to the requirements of the GFGP standard. It only needs to be completed once but can be shared with multiple grantors hence eliminating the replication of due diligence.

Assessment done against the world’s only international standard for GFGP

In the global due diligence ecosystem, there are a plethora of due diligence guidelines and grantor specific assurance frameworks. To shift the paradigm and remove this confusion, the AAS with the support of their sponsors have developed the world’s only international Standard for Good Financial Grant Practice.

Certification to GFGP

The expectation is that in the years to come only grantee organizations which are certified to GFGP will be eligible to receive grant funding. Therefore, grantee organizations certified to GFGP will be better positioned as grantors may decide to make certification to GFGP a mandatory requirement or a pre-award condition.

Simplified Digitized Platform

Experience a simplified and digitized due diligence process that’s easy to understand. Assessments can be updated, whenever you want. The platform provides a single repository providing access (subject to permissions) to an organization’s responses and supporting documentation to the pre-certification-assessment and GFGP Certification audit report.

GFGP Certification valid for 2 or 3 years

Organizations can be certified to being compliant to GFGP by a licensed GFGP Certification Body performing a site audit. GFGP Certificates are globally recognized and have a validity period of 2 or 3 years (depending on the Tier).

Raises the credibility and visibility of even the smallest grantee organizations onto a global stage

Both large and small organizations can raise their credibility and visibility by having their assessment and certification status displayed on a searchable database accessible by funders worldwide.

Readily available in- house templates on Policies, Processes & procedures

To take the pain out of completing the pre-certification assessment, the Global Grant Community has provided a repository of 22 Policies, 69 Processes and 31 Procedures that can be downloaded from the GGC portal, customized for their organization, uploaded and implemented.

Capacity Development

Completing the pre-certification assessment identifies critical gaps in your organization, provides templates to fill the gaps and provides a pathway to improve grant management capabilities and a road map for capacity development.

Non GFGP Assurance Framework

Organizations can access an assurance framework that fall outside the scope of the GFGP pre-certification framework covering additional practice areas such as safeguarding, health and safety, legal compliance and risk management.

Funders have a right to expect and demand that nonprofits manage grants effectively and ethically

One Standard accommodates All