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Saving costs and time of connecting funders with trusted grant receivers

The Global Grant Community (GGC) reduces the cost and time taken to connect major state and philanthropic funders with the world’s most trusted grant receivers, that have a proven track record of managing funding effectively, ethically and honestly.

Our mission is to allow more money to flow to the people who need it by using the disruptive power of technology to digitize, standardize and de-risk the due diligence process for both funders and grant receivers.

The GGC is a platform of the African Academy of Sciences (AAS). The platform consists of a: -

  1. New international standard for Good Financial Grant Practice (GFGP) developed in collaboration with multiple African and global partners.
  2. Portal based pre-certification scheme to the requirements of GFGP
  3. Global network of audit firms licensed to undertake site audits for certification that an organization’s day to day operational activities are in compliance to the requirements of the GFGP standard

These three components are collectively called the Global Grant Community (GGC).

A broken funding model

Different expectations from funders for what constitutes good financial grant practice, have created mixed levels of trust in grant management capabilities across the global funding supply chain.

This means both funders and the partners they help, spend huge amounts of time and money on multiple due diligence assessments, diverting funds that could be changing lives for the better.

Transforming the funding landscape by addressing the broken funding model

The Global Grant Community changes the broken model by reducing the cost and time required for funders to find trustworthy partners, by assessing a grant receiver’s capabilities using the world’s first international Standard (ARS 1651) for Good Financial Grant Practice (GFGP).

For the first time ever, there is a common global standard for good grant management practice that grant receivers must meet before funders entrust them with their financial grants, bringing rigour and reassurance to even the highest risk funding environments.

As well as building trust with funders, a global standard provides grant receivers with a clear pathway to improve their grant management processes, procedures and policies, making them more attractive to funders.